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“No Pain, No Gain”

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, A League of their Own, when Tom Hanks expresses his love of baseball and explains that the difficulty of playing the sport is what makes it great. As he is speaking to his teammate, he clearly knows he is making [...]

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When choosing an advisor, focus is everything

Have you ever gone to an expensive restaurant that appeared on the outside to be quite sophisticated and refined only to find after dining there that the food itself was less than impressive? I think sometimes the financial services industry can have a similar strategy of dazzling people with their [...]

Déjà vu

There is a radio ad I hear focusing on the strange feeling described that things are just not right in the world. Really? Who would have thought it? The Patriot Supply solution is stocking up on food that may last for months and years. While that might be a good [...]

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