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Looking back, looking ahead

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards, observed Soren Kirkegaard, 19th Century Danish philosopher. Therefore, we must examine at least briefly what occurred during 2018 in the worldwide financial markets. As noted in prior columns, probabilities were high that it would produce a stock market [...]

Healthcare Demand Will Grow and Grow (part 2)

Last week I discussed the demographics driving American use of healthcare and its new technology. On average, we are living longer while generally enjoying better health. Many of us will eventually feel somewhat bionic through our high tech ceramic or metal spare part implants. In 1960 when current statistics began, [...]

August 16th, 2018|Categories: Investment Management, Retirement, Stocks|

Saving and Investing: A Match Made in Heaven by Luke Davis

A recent study conducted by TD Ameritrade revealed some very interesting insights into how the millennial generation views money, and possessions. In the limited amount of space I’m given for this column, I won’t be able to go into all of them. However, I felt a couple of takeaways from [...]

Is this bull market about finished? by Ron Finke

Fears of a major trade war are causing another selloff in global markets this week.  China, late on Sunday, said it would increase tariffs on 128 U.S. products in response to U.S. duties on imports of aluminum and steel. President Donald Trump is separately preparing to impose tariffs of more [...]

Aaron addresses recent market declines

The water cooler topic of the week has probably been the dramatic movements downward in the stock market.  It’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure.  While scary, we hope to provide proper perspective. Market volatility has been historically low now for the better part of the past year. Not [...]

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