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The Broken Clock Recession?

It’s been about 15 years now since we had our last true recession.  Last year nearly everyone, including yours truly, expected a recession to take hold by spring of this year.  As it goes with most things with the stock market, when most people expect something, it usually does the [...]

Secure 2.0, What’s in it and why it matters

In the midst of all the chaos that comes with the whole Christmas season, you may not have realized that as part of the massive Omnibus Bill signed by Congress to avert a government shutdown, significant legislation was passed related to your retirement accounts. The SECURE Act of 2022 commonly [...]

Advantage from Losses

I know that many of you reading this column are investors with a long term perspective who generally hold your positions for years. Therefore, today’s message is particularly for you. Since applying technical analysis is definitely not easy or perfect and is labor intensive, keeping stock, bond, or mutual fund [...]

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