Sometimes business needs to get personal

Will they or won’t they? That is the question I have been asking myself as I continue to watch feuding tech moguls, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg tease a pay-per-view cage fight between them. mark-zuckerberg-cage-fight-vs-elon-musk Considering the significant public interest in this, I have no doubt it would be one [...]

The Broken Clock Recession?

It’s been about 15 years now since we had our last true recession.  Last year nearly everyone, including yours truly, expected a recession to take hold by spring of this year.  As it goes with most things with the stock market, when most people expect something, it usually does the [...]

Managing Risk

The late great baseball legend, Yogi Berra, is credited with this quotation: It is tough to make predictions, especially about the future! If there were a perfect field for applying this, investing must be it. Our viewpoint (and that of our favorite economists at First Trust Advisors, LP) remains that [...]

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