Know Your Medicare Options

I love October in the Midwest. In my opinion, it has the best weather of the entire year. The air is drier and the evenings are great for sweaters or sweatshirts. After some hard frosts, our allergies may be less intense. We experienced Americans, 65 and older, also have another [...]

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An alternative on health-care costs

For many of us struggling with the continuing growth of health-care costs, the fear of an unforeseen medical expense occurring is ever-present. This past fall, my oldest son fell while on the dreaded monkey bars and broke his arm. Aside from the pain of seeing my first-born injured, the pain [...]

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Do I Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

There are two sides of the coin of living longer. We often want to live longer to have great relationships with our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You know, those youngsters with whom we can conspire against our children? But then we don’t want to outlive our enjoyment either. When I can [...]

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