Remember and What?

Monday was our national holiday dedicated to remember and honor those who have given their very lives on our behalf. In recent years, we have perhaps also spent more personal attention to memories of our non-military ancestors with regard to the legacy which they gave to us. That seems appropriate [...]

ChatGPT could not only change how work is done but who does it

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the potential dangers posed to US white collar jobs as technological advances continue to make it easier to outsource these jobs to countries where labor is significantly cheaper. While I do believe those dangers are real, another potential threat to our labor [...]

My Hope for the Season

The holidays are my very favorite time of year. From the moment I wake up Thanksgiving morning and start preparing that afternoon’s feast, to the stroke of midnight on Dec 31st when we welcome a new year, the entire season is filled with excitement, tradition and fun. Like everything else [...]

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The lottery isn’t the answer

Last night the Mega Millions drawing worth an approximate 1.6 billion (yes billion with a B) was held. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the subject and thought it would make an excellent article topic. Like in many other workplaces, what we would do if we won, has been [...]

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