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Stock market swings are tougher when you’re retired

The crazy market swings and slumps of the past 20 years were hard for anyone to stomach.  It’s one thing when you are working and earning a paycheck.  Time is on your side and you have the opportunity to buy “discounted” shares of the market.  It’s entirely another thing when [...]

January 24th, 2019|Categories: Retirement, Stocks|

Consider options to save for education by Aaron Pickert

Last week I explored the topic of whether paying for your child or grandchild’s education was the right thing to do.  This week let’s look at some of the better ways to help fund these soaring education costs. As you are probably aware, education costs are not only rising for [...]

July 25th, 2018|Categories: Personal Finances|

Time for some financial spring cleaning by Aaron Pickert

We have all been complaining about spring being slow to arrive, but at long last, it finally appears to have started.  The dreaded tax season is behind us, at least for most.  Now is a great time to do a little financial spring cleaning and re-visit any financial resolutions made [...]

May 2nd, 2018|Categories: Personal Finances|

Staying in the market yields long-term benefits by Aaron Pickert

  “I can’t go through another 2008.”  This is a comment I hear quite often.  That year represents a generational financial scar we can never hide.  A defining event that continues to shape the behavior of most of us today. People dial these bad memories up anytime they see high [...]

March 21st, 2018|Categories: Personal Finances|

Aaron addresses recent market declines

The water cooler topic of the week has probably been the dramatic movements downward in the stock market.  It’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure.  While scary, we hope to provide proper perspective. Market volatility has been historically low now for the better part of the past year. Not [...]

February 8th, 2018|Categories: Investment Management, News & Events, Stocks|