Financial Planning

Financial planning is the cornerstone for long-term financial stability and growth. At Stewardship Capital, we simplify the planning process to help you put your resources to work and build a secure future. We utilize the industry leading financial planning software to help you answer the most important questions you face financially.

  • What are your priorities now and down the road?

  • What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

  • Will you be able to balance the needs of today with the goals of tomorrow?

Investment Management

At Stewardship Capital, we are committed to helping provide clear and simple investment solutions to help you confidently achieve your financial goals. As financial partner advocates, we constantly research, strategize and take the actions necessary to diversify and allocate investments based on ever-changing market conditions.

As Registered Investment Advisors with a fiduciary duty, we look out for your best interests and put your hard-earned money to work. First, an investment plan is created, carefully considering your goals and level of risk. We report investment results regularly and meet with you as often as you would like. It’s that simple.

Our Capital Maximizer program gives you access to the same investment philosophy and strategy we use for our client accounts regardless of where your 401(k) is held.

Excellent tax deferred accounts to grow your retirement dollars.
Transfer a previous employer 401k/403B/Profit Sharing Plan into a new Rollover IRA account to potentially receive improved choices and benefits.
Built to direct your money to leave the legacy you desire.
For money you may need to access before retirement or for those who have maximized their retirement accounts and want to save more.

A great way to save and grow money on a tax deferred basis for your child’s higher education.


Insurance is an essential tool when preparing for life’s unknowns. With the right policies, you will minimize the risk of uncertainty and gain peace-of-mind, knowing you are prepared for situations beyond your control. As independently licensed insurance brokers, let our experienced staff guide you in finding the best and most cost-effective protection for you and your family.

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